• Happy Joyce displaying her profitable business in Malakia main Market-Nimule South; Photo credit: Erua Stephen (CCW); August 15th, 2021
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Joyce Kojo aged 45 years

GCRF beneficiary


a single mother of six


While four of her children are currently at school, two of them unfortunately dropped out 5 years ago due to lack of school fees, got married at teenager age and now having children living with Joyce – a situation Joyce described as “children bearing children”. As a mother and grandmother, Joyce is living with HIV and AIDS for the last 15years now. As Joyce struggles to feed her children, send them to school and pay for medical bills and food, COVID-19 amplified the gap as Joyce’s ability to engage in income generating activities to increase her household income became limited. Joyce says, life has not been easy for her since she lost her husband years ago and had to fill the financial gap and be the only breadwinner.  With all financial responsibilities lying on Joyce, she had to sell her only maize and beans grains to support her family. With her hope constantly dashing, the start of ARDI programme with funding from GCRF to support families for adolescents impacted by HIV and AIDS gave Joyce a new glimpse of hope.  Immediately after receiving ARDI’s financial literacy training and basic business skills, Joyce received her first cash transfer worth $50 (16,600 SSP) and was optimistic to invest her money to expand her small business. Together with her other Savings group members, Joyce quickly rushed to the food stores and bought variety of food commodities including beans, maize, fish and groundnuts and started selling in the local markets . Within two months, Joyce started realizing profits from her business. From initial net profit margin of less than 80,000 SSP ($200), Joyce now estimates her net profit at 200, 000 SSP ($500). Joyce says she is now living happily with her children. As a role model, Joyce now encourages other caregivers to focus on investing on income generating activities to increase their household income and make their families happier like hers. 


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